"Be the change you wish to see in the world" -Gandhi  

Harmony, Peace, Love, Enjoyment...
If we are to achieve these in our communities & our families, we must first achieve them within ourselves.

Our Mission is to assist individuals, families and communities to grow and improve, heal wounds, and experience more love for themselves and others.  Typically clients are looking to create and maintain positive changes, optimize their full potential and pursue more satisfying lives, careers or relationships. They may also be seeking support during a challenging life transition, have a desire get "unstuck," or to let go of old limiting patterns of behavior or thought.  Services include psychotherapy, coaching, mindful movement, stress management, change maintenance for addictions or habits and clinical supervision.  All services are strength-based and implemented from the perspectives of  personal development and whole body health.

We must change our internal world before we can expect change in our external world.
Stop the struggle and begin the expansion.  

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