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Melissa understands that each individual is unique and caters her sessions to each client.  She utilizes interventions from cognitive- behavioral therapy, mindfulness based-therapies and  psychodynamic therapy.

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Psychotherapy & MindBody Wellness

   In recent posts I explained how components of mindfulness, mindful breath and interoception, impact the body and mind.  Mindfulness based interventions have been found effective in treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, substance dependency and other health issues.  Perhaps more interesting, mindfulness based programs have been  found to reduce stress, burnout, depression and anxiety while increasing physical health, empathy and self-compassion in various healthcare professionals (Bazarko, D. et al., 2013; Foureur et al., 2013; Schenström, A., Rönnberg, S., Bodlund, O., 2006).  Mindfulness seems to be inversely related to employees' emotional exhaustion and positively related to their job 

Facilitating Reflection and Emotional Balance

February 2014


satisfaction (Hulsheger et al. 2012).  A number of mindfulness based ​workplace wellness programs have been adopted due to these findings of increased resilience to stress, improved health as well as increased productivity.

However, mindfulness practice can be challenging for many people.  In my practice, I have observed that individuals “get out of their head” with greater ease when they “get into their body.”  In 2008, I entered a comprehensive teacher training program to learn about a mind body practice called the Pilates Method.  Since this time, in 2010, the Pilates Method has been shown to facilitate mindfulness, as well as improve mood, increase relaxation and sleep quality and decrease stress and negative arousal states (Caldwell et al. 2010).

Integrating my knowledge of mindfulness and the Pilates Method, I have developed an intervention which I have utilized successfully as a supplement to therapeutic treatment and a method for personal self-care.  Mindful Movement facilitates mindfulness, and all of the related benefits, by integrating mindfulness training with mindful movement of the body.  As a therapeutic intervention, Mindful Movement was created to enhance clients’ ability to regulate overwhelming emotions and enhance their ability to reflect during talk therapy.

*Discounts are available for clients who attend multiple sessions a week.

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