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Melissa understands that each individual is unique and caters her sessions to each client.  She utilizes interventions from cognitive- behavioral therapy, mindfulness based-therapies and  psychodynamic therapy.

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Psychotherapy & MindBody Wellness

Mindful Movement is an integrative intervention which facilitates mindfulness with guided interoception (awareness of the body) & mindful breath prior to, and during, movements based on the Pilates Method.  Mindful movement was created to enhance clients’ ability to regulate emotions, as well as their ability to be reflective during therapeutic sessions.

Why Movement?  Mindfulness practice can be challenging but Mindful Movement can facilitate mindfulness and the associated benefits. Mindfulness based interventions are successful in treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic stress, etc. 

Stress Management for All Mindful movement can also be utilized by professionals seeking a way to decrease stress, reduce burnout and create a more balanced, integrated self.  Mindfulness based programs have been found to reduce stress, burnout, depression and anxiety while increasing physical health, empathy and self-compassion in various healthcare professionals (Bazarko,   et al. 2013; foureur et al., 2013; Schenström, Rönnberg, Bodlund, 2006).  Mindfulness seems to be inversely related to employees’ emotional exhaustion and positively related to their job satisfaction (Hulsheger et al 2012). A number of mindfulness-based workplace wellness programs have been adopted due to these findings of increased resilience to stress, improved health, as well as increased productivity.

"My clinical practice has been influenced by research in the area of mindfulness and the use of movement practices to promote mental health.  I have observed clients “get out of their head” with greater ease when they “get into their body.”  In 2008, I entered a comprehensive teacher training program to learn about a mind body practice called the Pilates Method.  Since this time, Pilates has been found to facilitate mindfulness (Caldwell, 2010).  Integrating my knowledge of mindfulness and the Pilates Method, I have developed an intervention which I have utilized successfully as a supplement to treatment and method for personal self-care." ~Melissa Cramer, LCSW, Facilitator

“By reawakening thousands and thousands of ordinarily dormant muscle cells, Contrology (Pilates) correspondingly reawakens thousands and thousands of dormant brain cells, thus activating new areas and stimulating further functioning of the mind.”  ~Joseph Pilates 1954

What participants have to say...

"This simple practice opened my mind and spirit to self-healing.  I also gained insight on various ways to cope with the stress of everyday life. "

"First I must admit that I’m not one whom enjoys being still with my emotions and feelings. Being alone with my thoughts and feelings was something that I’ve always been afraid of. Through mindful movement I’ve developed strategies and techniques that slow down all of the brain chatter and habitual reactions. I now incorporate mindfulness meditation in my daily activities"

"I wrote this paragraph down after the group last night because I realized that being mindful, or at least trying to practice being mindful (good or bad) has become a part of my life and is helping me to grow day by day. I hope you can help others do the same.

Being mindful is simply realizing what we are, what we are made of, and what is around us. We can live in the world around us instead of being stuck inside the snow globe inside of our heads. It is so important to try to let go of the painful parts of our lives that cripple us and concentrate on the simple nature of just being alive and how amazing it is."

This 10 week group is available for your employees, treatment center or wellness facility.   Appropriate to assist individuals who are struggling with stress, anxiety and/or depressed mood.  It includes mindfulness training facilitated with gentle movements, cognitive techniques, discussion & support.

Mindful Movement Group