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What therapist have to say....

"I am so glad that I sought out clinical supervision with Melissa when I wasn’t able to receive it at my place of employment.  I am happy not only because supervision allowed me to receive my license, but also it gave me much needed clinical and professional support.  Supervision was a place where I could process complicated cases, explore my feelings about clients and my work environment, and have much needed discussions about difficult ethical decisions.   Melissa helped me build my confidence as a clinical social worker and provided me with insight into the job market as an LCSW.  Melissa was supportive but also direct when necessary, which I appreciate.  I left supervision with more knowledge, confidence, and pride in being a social worker. 

I also benefited greatly from group supervision.  I was able to get a multitude of perspectives by sharing supervision with other social workers who worked with various populations and in diverse settings.  I learned from what they brought to supervision and from their thoughts about what I brought to supervision. " ~Shara Kaszovitz, LCSW

"Supervision with Melissa Cramer was a very enhancing and fulfilling experience. Her clinical knowledge, experience across the field and support for each interns goals was very rewarding. I would recommend any MSW to participate in supervision with Melissa Cramer." ~John Betancourt, LCSW

"Ms. Cramer is an exceptional supervisor, mentor and colleague.  She is a highly skilled and knowledgeable eclectic psychotherapist with much valuable insight and guidance to offer her students as well as her clients."

~Jodie Gonzalez, LCSW

"Melissa has allowed for me  to grow in my practice.  She asked me questions that I wouldn't have thought of about my feelings, thoughts and behaviors that could influence my practice.  She has guided me into thinking critically and linking what is being said by a client and what is really going on." ~Melissa Taylor

"Melissa ensured all of my needs were met and addressed as a good mentor should.  My confidence has grown as well as my comfort level and clinical competence.  I have come to value patience in the face of threatening circumstances." ~Amary Alcide, LCSW

​"Melissa Cramer is a passionate, innovative, and knowledgeable supervisor.  Her supervision helped me to grow on a theoretical and clinical level.  I learned different techniques from her wide knowledge of modalities of therapy.  She is creative and innovative while practical at the same time.  Melissa helped me think outside the box to develop unique strategies for group and individual counseling." ~Bronwyn Heiss, LMHC, MFT

"​Working with Melissa has impacted my counseling practice in a positive way.  It has enhanced my clinical skills.  Melissa provided all necessary information including helping me build my self-confidence in being a clinician." 
~Linda Adams, MSW