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Melissa understands that each individual is unique and caters her sessions to each client.  She utilizes interventions from cognitive- behavioral therapy, mindfulness based-therapies and  psychodynamic therapy.

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Psychotherapy & MindBody Wellness


In 1997, Melissa received the Prudential Spirit of Community Achievement Award for three years of community service at an elderly home and a homeless shelter in Connecticut. During this experience she quickly became aware that the only constant in life is change. From 1999 through 2002, Melissa worked encouraging youth to use this constant to their advantage. She worked in Western Massachusetts at a residential facility for adolescents learning to change how they express anger and as the live-in manager/mentor at a transitional living program for young adults "aging out" of the foster care system.

Melissa has extensive experience providing support and assistance to individuals diagnosed with Schizophrenia and co-occurring disorders at different stages of recovery including crisis stabilization/hospital, jail/forensic settings, residential and outpatient treatment and independent living.  She has provided training to staff to assist them in working with individuals diagnosed with co-occurring disorders and prevent relapse.

Melissa also has extensive experience with both adolescents and adults who suffer from substance dependency, behavioral and emotional difficulties. In Miami she has worked with children and families in the home/school setting as well as at the Crisis Unit of Juvenile
 Detention Center and Village South (Substance Dependency Rehabilitation)
In 2008, Melissa realized that the movements and principles of the Pilates Method could help the individuals she counseled and she began training to become a Pilates teacher with Pilates Education Group. She observed and student taught under Kevin Bowen for two years and Anna Alvarez for an additional year prior to completing the 450 hour comprehensive training program in January 2011.

In 2009, Melissa branched out into private practice where she continues to provide counseling and coaching to individuals interested in personal growth and self improvement. Reasons individuals seek her help include sad mood, anxiety, stress, relapse prevention, indecision, self-exploration, life transitions and/or a desire to make changes within or outside of self.  

Melissa reaches out to other wellness practitioners for consultation and collaboration in providing services in her private practice and to the community.  She served as Chair for WHOLE, Web of Wholistic Educators, an organization which sought to connect wellness professionals across wellness disciplines and to provide education to the community regarding holistic and healthy living.  She also belongs to The South Florida Health Coaches with whom she most recently co-hosted a transformational wellness retreat and presented on the topic creating and maintaining change.


"It all seems natural to me because of my upbringing. Some of my earliest memories are of listening to child meditation tapes. As I grew into an adult, I instinctively used mindfulness to ground myself. I remember soothing myself by looking at the mountains and trees, remembering just how small I am in the big picture and appreciating the beauty before me. Bits and pieces such as this stayed with me during my personal struggles. My struggles have not been insignificant, although I recognize that many others’ struggles have been and remain more challenging than my own.

About 8 years ago, principles of mindfulness kept reappearing in my life in the form of books, people and surroundings. Around the same time other key components of whole body health (Pilates and balanced nutrition) kept reappearing in my life as well. Becoming reacquainted, and more intimately involved, with these ideas and behaviors of holistic health, they became a priority in my life. I rediscovered and expanded the ideals instilled in me as a child and began to share them with all who would listen. Right now I feel as balanced, happy and healthy as one could hope. And it seems so natural to pass it on… " 

Melissa Cramer, LCSW, LCAS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker;   C010796 (NC)   SW 9441  (FL)

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist;   LCAS-24764 (NC)

Certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience, FIU 2016

Certificate in  Teacher Training, Pilates Education Group 2012

Master of Social Work,  FIU 2005

Bachelor of Science,  Umass, Amherst 2001 Psychology & Sociology

Depending on the needs of her clients, Melissa utilizes interventions from cognitive and mindfulness-based therapies, psychodynamic psychotherapy and coaching.  Additionally, Melissa studied the Pilates Method, a mind body practice, for many years.  She utilizes this education to facilitate mindfulness training, body awareness and a more somatic approach healing.  Her practice is also influenced by research in the use of movement practices to promote mental health, continued education in cognitive neuroscience, years of supervision with modern psychoanalyst as well as collaboration and experiences with various healers.  The result is a holistic & individualistic approach to personal growth and healing.