Relax, Reconnect, Reset

Taos, New Mexico June 2011

Co-hosted retreat in Taos, New Mexico with seven health coaches.  This retreat included daily inspirational speakers, workshops and yoga, healthy food, cooking classes and outdoor activities like white water rafting, zip-lining and exploring the anasazi cave dwellings! There was also some truely unique experiences to visit Taos Pueblo and participate in a traditional meal on the sacred grounds.

Creating & Maintaining Change

Return to Yourself Taos, June 2013

This workshop covered the process of change, challenges to creating change and how to utilize planning to maximize success in creating lasting change.  Attendees shared thier desired changes and thier personal challenges.  They were guided in a visualization exercise and assisted in creating these beautiful vision boards.

Keeping Your New Years Resolution

WHOLE Community Meeting, Jan 2013

Assisted in the coordination of this and other free community meetings with WHOLE, Web of Holistic Educators (an organization promoting holistic health, community education and collaboration of wellness professionals).   Led a discussion regarding the process of change, challenges to creating change and how to utilize planning to maximize success when creating change.  Encouraging attendees to verbalize, write and visualizing thier desired change !

Return To Yourself... Transform Your Experience

Taos, New Mexico June 2013

Co-hosted retreat with four holistic health coaches and assisted in coordination of speakers, healers and activities.  Promoted self-care of health and wellness professionals by disseminating retreat information at networking events for therapist and holistic wellness professionals.  The retreat included workshops (mindfulness, raw foods, DIY balms and salves, self- acceptance, etc.) a visit to the Taos Pueblo, a fashion show by Project Runway's Patricia Michaels of Taos Pueblo , drumming, outdoor activities (hiking the Anasazi cave dwellings, zip-lining, hot air ballooning, etc.), daily yoga and artisan local food ! 

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Melissa understands that each individual is unique and caters her sessions to each client.  She utilizes interventions from cognitive- behavioral therapy, mindfulness based-therapies and  psychodynamic therapy.